Healing Warrior Hearts Retreats

Healing Warrior Hearts is a free healing retreat offered to all veterans and their families. The retreats are experiential and educational. Retreats open at 7 pm Friday and close with a graduation at 5 pm on Sunday. Retreats available are for PTSD, MST, LGBT and Couples.

Designed to give participants an extended experience, the continuity of the three-day program allows for a deeper experience of connection and emotional safety. Veterans will experience a community of support from fellow vets as well as civilians, people willing to listen to the vets' stories with compassion and confidentiality and without judgment. Participants will return home each evening if they live locally. If they have traveled from a distance, lodging is provided for the weekend. Because of limited funding, participants are required to provide transportation to and from the city where the retreat is held.

For more details about the weekend program, you can go to their website at:


If you need assistance, please feel free to call our office and we will gladly answer your questions. Healing Warrior Hearts retreats in Wisconsin are produced by the Starfish Foundation Inc., an all-volunteer 501c3 charitable organization. We are proud to support their work by sharing this information with you, volunteering with their events and, when possible, assisting with funding.